Auto Insurance Quote Help – Explaining the Confusing World of Auto Insurance

Q: I have been shopping for a Florida auto insurance quote and do not understand the difference between the various policies and coverage types. Can you give me a guide to help? Thank you in advance.

A: Getting a Florida auto insurance quote can be very frustrating due to their strict laws requiring drivers to carry comprehensive auto insurance.

There are two types of coverage you must have to drive in Florida. The first is called the Financial Responsibility section. This means that you are covered for damage to other people’s vehicles and for other peoples injuries.

The second part of the FL insurance law requires that you have minimum no fault insurance which covers you and your vehicle in case of an accident. Most policies in Florida will include both types of coverage in your policy, but some companies sell them separately so be sure to ask.

The last thing to keep in mind when considering a Florida auto insurance quote is that Florida takes car insurance very seriously. If your policy lapses the DMV is notified and if you cannot prove you have a new policy your license can be suspended. Getting reinstated after a suspension is an expensive and lengthy process as well. Be sure to have your insurance card with you at all times in Florida because if you are pulled over for a traffic violation the officer will expect to see your insurance card as well as license and registration.

Lastly, we strongly encourage everyone to shop rates online and compare quotes from several different companies. This is a tremendous way to get better coverage and save money at the same time.


Cheap Auto Insurance For Teens

Your teenage phase of life will uncover a harsh reality about auto insurance coverage, which can be potentially hard to digest, unless money is not a problem in your house. Auto insurance for teens is ridiculously high in most states you can think about. Years back insurance companies declared teens as high risk drivers, which eventually paved way for higher premium for teenage drivers across the world. This may sound unfair to you, however, it’s an unfortunate reality you will have to live with.

Although little can be done to change this stubborn policy, there are several means to avail cheap auto insurance coverage for teens. There are lots of variance with auto insurance premium. This is primarily due to the fact that insurance companies take into account truckloads of factors before providing an insurance coverage.

To an extent, grabbing a cheap auto insurance policy is dependent upon how much and how well the vehicle is used, the distance driven so far and the safety of the vehicle as well as the driver.

While teens are enticed with the idea of driving the hot wheels, little do they realize that the insurance companies are deeply interested in their driving record. Teen drivers are considered to be more prone to accidents and other mishaps. However, insurance companies do not shy away from providing discounts to drivers who drive without accidents. There are several incentive programs for teen drivers, which reward them with better rates if they maintain well driving record.

If you pledge to drive less miles, then this would also prove to be a good factor that will work for your benefit. You will look like a responsible driver, and not an avid party person who enjoys road racing on the highway. In a way, you are exposing your car to less danger by limiting your rides.

Also, if you do not have speeding ticket or similar violation records under your belt, then you will appear like a good teen who knows to oblige by the traffic norms, thus increasing your chances of obtaining cheap auto insurance coverage. Insurance companies also take into account the type of vehicle you are driving. Sports car carry a higher premium amount in comparison to other cars. Finding cheap auto insurance for teens can be daunting task in itself. However, if you take into account the above mentioned factors, then the insurance company would want to offer you a reasonable premium rate, irrespective of your age.