Using Insurance Marketing Videos To Improve SEO & Extend Your Agency Reach

Videos have great shelf life and offer insurance agencies and brokers an opportunity to provide educational, sticky, and effective content. Videos can range from recorded webinars, to voice over PowerPoint, to professionally composed whiteboard productions with scripted voice over and complimentary background music.

Why add video to your insurance agency website, and why create a branded YouTube channel with videos? One important statistic to consider, is that your insurance prospects are 80% more likely to watch your video than read your content. Another is the impact of video on your insurance search engine optimization efforts. Google gives more weight to webpages that contain videos, and of course, they own YouTube. More video typically equates to better insurance SEO. And when your insurance agency video has a longer view time than other websites in the same search results, you receive an even greater SEO boost from Google. Furthermore, an insurance agency video provides producers with great collateral for their email marketing, a social media marketing efforts.

Professionally branded YouTube channels can be used to create featured videos and specific play lists. For example, you can offer playlists for P&C, Employee Benefits, High Net Worth Clients, and Personal Lines. Each play list should have at least 3 videos, preferably more. These can then be used for web marketing initiatives including email marketing and social media marketing.

Though prospects (and clients and partners) often prefer videos to written content, not all of these website visitors will watch your video in its entirety. Insurance website visitors want to know if the video pertains to them, and if they don’t see its benefit quickly they will leave your video and bounce to another site. To help improve stickiness, make sure you add captions and transcripts. Captions and transcripts will help improve the chance people will watch your entire video and boost your authority with Google. Captions and transcripts help by:

  • Increasing view time (up to 80%)
  • Improving deep linking with keywords in video
  • Improving search results for keywords included in video

Take the time to create insurance videos, and leverage their benefits to the fullest. Including insurance marketing videos on your website and adding them to a branded YouTube channel will help your insurance search engine optimization efforts, increase website traffic and drive more insurance leads into your pipeline.

If you are looking for ways to improve your insurance agency website, produce high quality videos, and optimize your insurance agency SEO, and lack the internal time, tools or skills to do so, you can consider outsourcing this initiative to a proficient insurance marketing agency.


Ways to Lower Your Homeowner’s Insurance Premium

Homeowner’s insurance is something that no homeowner can afford not to have. Just because having coverage is a must, it does not mean that you cannot find a good deal on your premium. Many people accept whatever their insurance company offers without doing any research before they sign. Unfortunately, many insurance agents are not looking out for your best interests, and will stick you with a higher priced plan. If you are purchasing a new policy and the price seems high, here are a few ways you can save.

1. Higher Deductible- Having a low deductible may seem like a good idea, as you will pay less out of pocket in the event that you need to use your insurance. Insurance company’s make money by assuming you will never need to make a claim. You can take a page from the insurance company’s book, and assume the same. Since your chances of making a claim are very low, consider raising the deductible on your plan. Obviously you do not want to set it so high that you would be unable to procure the funds in an emergency, but set it as high as you are comfortable with. This one minor adjustment can result in significant savings on your premium price.

2. Eliminate Unnecessary Coverage- Chances are if you live in Florida you will never need protection from an earthquake or heavy snowfall. Many insurance companies include these things in their policies to increase your policy’s price. Likewise, consider dropping your jewelry floater if you do not own expensive jewelry that you keep in a box. If your only expensive jewelry is what you wear on a day to day basis, chances are you will never need this coverage.

3. Combine Your Policies- If you have car insurance through one insurance provider and home insurance through another, you can often save up to twenty-five percent on your insurance if you combine policies. Likewise, taking out life insurance or other types of insurance with the provider you choose for your home’s coverage can save you quite a bit overall.

4. Avoid High Risk Factors- Many insurers will charge more for your premium rate if you have certain high risk factors. For example, trampolines and swimming pools as well as more aggressive breeds of dogs increase liability that you will have someone sue you for injuries on your property.

5. Do Not Let Your Policy Lapse- As is true with any type of insurance, letting a period of time pass between coverage can greatly elevate your price. Make sure all payments are sent on time and be proactive about renewing your policies.

6. Ask for Discounts- Very few people ask for a discount when they are given a quote. You would be surprised how many discounts can be granted, but you have to ask. The majority of insurance agents are not going to give you the bottom price first, as with any form of business there may be room for negotiations. This is especially true if you have had one insurer for several years.